"Design is a universal language and can break through all boundaries"

YOO is proud to announce its collaboration with Asian design star, Steve Leung and the first Steve Leung & YOO project - the ‘YOO Residence’ in Hong Kong.

Steve is lauded as one of the world’s leading architects and designers. His work is based on a strong and unique character of minimalism, with a skilful infusion of Asian culture and arts, resulting in rich and textured environments. As Creative Director of Steve Leung & YOO, Steve’s extensive experience and natural synergy with sophisticated Asian styles and tastes will undoubtedly resonate throughout his work with YOO.

Steve set up his own consultancy in 1987, currently the company has over 350 staff and is one of the biggest interior design consultancies in Asia. Steve has led over a 1000 projects in China and abroad and has won the Best Interior Designer Worldwide award at the Andrew Martin International Awards, the Oscars of design, a staggering ten times.

He aims at putting his personal philosophy “Enjoy Life - Enjoy Design” in practice and sharing the art of living with others through his architectural, interior and product design.