"I only take on projects that excite me"

Kelly Hoppen MBE is best known as one of Britain’s most influential style gurus with a calm, elegant interior design aesthetic that has permeated our consciousness and achieved an iconic and much imitated status.

After starting her business at the age of just sixteen, Kelly is now able to look back over 34 years of applying her celebrated interior design interiors for houses, apartments, yachts, private jets, ski chalets, a sports centre, hotels and numerous corporate spaces. Some of Kelly’s most renowned projects include the British Airways first class cabins, the Royal Mougins Golf Club in the South of France, Rhodes W1 Restaurant in London and boutique hotel Murmuri in Barcelona.

The Kelly Hoppen for YOO style fuses together the eastern principles of simplicity and balance with the western tastes for sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes. When designing for a specific space Kelly not only trusts her intuition and emotional intelligence; she is also rigorous in using a grid system to analyse space, delineate vistas, impose structure and establish order.